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We help you Offering 4 independent air conditioned cottages , one with private pool and the the other three with a shared swimming pool.All cottages can occupy 3 adults with an extra bed to relax around our traditional beach village Mararikulam where you find unspoiled Marari beach barely situated 200 meters away from our place. We could also help you with  the backwater cruises in Alleppey, Real Ayurveda Massages,Delicious home cooked meals,Yoga lessons,Cooking lessons,Fishermen watching,Biking through quite villages and the list goes on for catering a perfect quality holiday escape in to the nature.

You know when you look at travel brochures of people laying by a poolside under and canopy of tropical plants and it just looks soooo perfect >>> well that was my experience when I visisted Marari Dreamz for the third time. Since my first visist Allwyn and Jency have just upped and UPPED their game which was already HOT. Now the food is even better, the Rooms are more available thanks to extra bungalows being added, privacy has increased as the beautiful landscaping of the garden as not only made the land more eco friendly providing habitats for cute geckos and huge butterflies!!! But we can wander from our varanda to the pool in private, enjoy our meals feeling like VIP's and generally relax to the MAX!!! I visited with my mum who had not been abroad for 30 years!!!! The resulting feedback was...everything that we wanted it to be ~ it was. Quality relaxation time, indulgence in a new culture, glorious weather, delish food and great company. We felt like those ladies in the holiday brochures!!!! Thank you so much Allwyn Jency and Shanku as well as all the cats. We LOVE YOU ALL <3
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Tasty Breakfast

Most delicious breakfast at your balcony

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Kerala Special rich dishes

The best place to be in Marari beach

Offering 4 luxurious villas with swimming pools

Green rich location

We provide you the best way to experience our rich culture and surroundings . Write to us and decide what suits you best before you book.


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